Our Approach

With every passing day, it is becoming important that we adapt methods and embrace changes that help us create a better world for tomorrow. It is imperative that we change with the times and develop technology that can lead to the bigger goals. At this juncture, we are all working towards creating something that is sustainable and eco-friendly.

In this endeavour of ours, we have embraced DFT or Direct Forming Technology that helps us to customize steel products that can replace their wooden counterparts. This will not only lead to the reduction in felling of trees, but also eliminate other drawbacks of wooden products like termites, cracks due to difference in temperature and moisture and also small gaps, which allow the entry of dust and germs.

By using the latest technology, we are creating durable and aesthetically pleasing products that are also contributing towards the protection of the environment. From door frames to planks – our technology enables us to make a plethora of products that can easily replace traditional wooden fixtures that were previously used in homes and other structures. We believe this initiative to go green with modern technology will greatly benefit the environment as well as the brand. It gives us great pride to know that we are also working towards a greener tomorrow.