Apollo TriCoat Tubes Limited

Apollo TriCoat (formerly known as Best Steel Logistics) became a part of Sudesh Group of Companies, India’s leading steel pipe and tube manufacturer in 2018. A pioneer in making steel tubes and pipes of premium quantity, the SG group has a manufacturing capacity of 2 million tons per annum.

Apollo TriCoat aims to amp up the steel tubes and pipe manufacturing industry with its high-quality products, which are not limited to pipes and tubes only. The same thought led the organization to introduce the latest global technology in India, imported from the United States to manufacture steel pipes and tubes with triple layer of protective coating. The 3 layers consist of paint, zinc and an organic coating. The technology allows the production of galvanized steel pipes, tubes and other products in a continuous single line process based on high quality standards. This is in keeping with the brand’s mission and vision of producing more efficient products with the usage of modern technology.

While the headquarters are located in New Delhi, India, Apollo TriCoat has its manufacturing facility in Malur Industrial Area, Bengaluru which has a total capacity of 50,000 tons. The versatile products of the company have a wide array of applications – from greenhouse tubing to rooftop sheds and electrical conduits – where triple coated technology is being used. The Company is also setting up two production lines at its greenfield facility at Dadri, Uttar Pradesh for manufacturing narrow sections and door frames.


We have adopted the ideology of “Three Steps Ahead”, which is also our motto. We are focusing on three important elements:

● Competitive Advantage
● A Single-line process that defines quality
● The Three Layer Coating Advantage

We have created a niche for our brand and have perked up our brand-value furthermore by including these elements.

Interestingly, our past experience and learning has helped us create a value chain for the organization and all our stakeholders – be it shareholders, buyers, suppliers or employees. Moreover, in order to become a long-term winner, we have further leveraged our stance on cost-effectiveness and efficiency.


Sudesh Group is India’s leading steel pipes and tubes manufacturer, headquartered in Delhi. It has 13 manufacturing plants across different locations in India. We pioneer in making steel tubes and pipes of different types and shapes with a manufacturing capacity of 2.5 million metric tons per annum. For over 3 decades, the group of companies has gone from strength to strength to lead a revolutionary change in the steel tubes and pipes manufacturing industry. From featuring in many firsts to vigorously reforming technological processes, SG Group of companies has proven its market acumen.

Prominent Companies under the Group are:


Largest producer of Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) steel pipes and tubes, exporting to over 20 countries globally.


Fastest growing pre-galvanized steel tubes and pipes manufacturer and exporter in India.


Manufacturer of CPVC, PVC and HDPE pipes & fittings.


A manufacturer of TriCoat pipes, designer pipes and door frames.



We not only believe in leading the segment but trust in doing so by using fair means. We believe that our leadership style and the hard work put in by our managers and employees will lead to product and customer satisfaction and the same will help in expanding the business. We lead with developed and refined ideas for the future.


The way forward for the company is to keep manufacturing innovative and efficient products with the help of latest technology. And this lies at the core of the brand – we are always working towards manufacturing better products that are an upgrade from the existing ones. This will ensure that we take the nation forward collectively while helping the people with new and improved products.


We are a team of highly qualified professionals who aspire to bring innovation, knowledge and best ideas to the table. We are ambitious and always set high goals. We accomplish the same by working in harmony and putting in smart work.


We give clients our undivided attention and focus on their wants and needs. We always aim for a hassle-free experience for our clients and provide them with the best and high-quality products. It is this attribute that helps us stand out in comparison to our competitors. Our main objective is to form a long-lasting relationship with our customers and do so by staying honest to them and putting in more hard work each day.


Leadership skills are imperative as they take organizations to new heights. Strong leaders can help an organization maximize productivity and achieve its business goals. Our experienced board members form the core strength of the company and share common values and goals. With their vast knowledge, experience and leadership qualities, they address all the challenges, drive the organization to achieve the set targets and help the company grow.